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Coscia Guitars / Mini Wall of Sound

1:4 Scale Wall of Sound (Call for details)

1:4 Scale Wall of Sound (Call for details)

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***CALL FOR PRICING***  The 1:4 scale Wall of Sound is a fully functional replica of the 1974 Wall of Sound.  With 500+/- speakers and up to 9,000 watts of power, the mini wall is not so mini.  It can be configure as a music playback system as well as a live music platform with up to 32 input channels and 16 output channels.  It has been used to provide sound in both living rooms and 1,000+ seat venues.  It makes an excellent side or late night attraction at any music festival or as a permanent installation in your home or club.  Each system is designed to meet the specific requirements of the client.  Rest assured this is no toy.  It is designed with the venue or serious collector in mind.  Build time is roughly 6 months.  Pricing and additional details available upon request.

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